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I WANT A REFUND! Change of handphone so cant get verification code to log in!

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Im trying to contact paypal or resolution centre for a disputed transaction however after email verification they ask for handphone verification and i have change my handphone and theres no option for me to updatey new nber. Can anyone pls help where or what i should do thank you!


I WANT A REFUND! Change of handphone so cant get verification code to log in!


Hello, @Jewel764. Thanks for taking the time to add your concern here on the PayPal Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear you've had any problems with a transaction and that you're also having problems logging on to your PayPal account to submit a dispute. I hope the following information is helpful.

If the phone number on your PayPal account is out of date, please try navigating to and clicking Contact at the bottom of the page to see if there are any options to communicate with Customer Service via a secure channel. On the Contact page, please select Password and account access, then select Login problems, click on the Message Us Icon, and Click on "Chat with us while logged out." You may have to repeat this process if a chat is not available at a particular time.


Alternately, you may send a Private Message via Facebook ( or you may send a Twitter Direct Message to @AskPayPal. Please note, Facebook and Twitter are not secure channels but it may be possible to submit a request for review and PayPal may be able to dispute a transaction for you.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.



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