How do I change the SECONDARY Business name on my account?


I have a QR Code for my business, but recently our business completed a new branding process.  I need to change the "secondary" business name on the account.    Currently, I cannot find where to make this change.


When the user goes to make a donation (it is a non-profit company), the screen will come up allowing them to make various default amounts, but the secondary "business name" is still coming up.


Where do I change this?


This isn't available in the Profile Settings or even the Account Settings.


I may need to contact customer support, but figured I could get my answer here instead.


Thanks in advance for your help.TAP Message.jpg

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It looks like the name of the donation program (because you can add one or more programs a donor can donate to) which could be changed in the manage donation button page.


Visit Donate Button - Paypal

Log In.

Click the donation page you want to edit in the Donation page section.

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