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Hello, I already had an account in the past, which I deleted like a year ago. Now I want to make an other one, but it says that the email already in use. That’s impossible, because the account is closed. I don’t have other email addresses, so it would be the best for me to use the one I have already.
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Are you sure you deleted/closed the account or was it banned or limited by PayPal?


If you closed the account, you should be able to reuse same email address. Or maybe you thought you closed it but didn’t.


You can call PayPal as guest since you can’t log in to the account and ask about whether the email address ‘already in use’ is still associated with an account in your name:


Log out of all accounts.   
Go to https://www.paypal.com/hu/smarthelp/contact-us
Click “Call Us” option under the “Common Issues’ section.   
Click “call us as guest” link.   
Ask for an agent until they connect you with one.


Or reach out to PayPal at Facebook or Twitter:    

PayPal on Facebook

PayPal on Twitter

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