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I do hope I am not upsetting anyone, but I have been using the same Auction site since arond 2004. Now they are stopping using Paypal, which by the way, I have had no problems with previously, I feel disappointed and I feel I am being forced into a situation. Can you tell me please, are there other Auction sites that use Paypal in this Country that I can use. Also can I still buy things from "The" said Auction site and pay with Paypal.

Thank you in anticipation, and my true apologies if I am actually not allowed to ask this question.

I have not needed to do this before.

Many thanks.

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Yep I still use Paypal with Ebay, not sure if we will be able to in the future when all sellers swap to ebays managed payments.

Try google, lots of other auction sites out there that may accept paypal.

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