Personal Payment Refunded back after permanent limited paypal account.

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hi paypal community. 
I'm here to share my experience with you all people. My paypal account got permanently limited and at that moment i had a payment in my account which i recieved from my friend as a friends and family payment. 
when i request paypal support team to proceed him a refund as that is completed payment and any completed payment can be refunded back to the sender according to the paypal policy but the support agents continuously misguiding me and didn't proceed a refund and they were keep saying that personal payments can'e be refunded back. 
then i changed my mind and asked them if they donot refund my money then I'll take legal action against them and guess what
all the agents came on line and refunded that payment back to sender instantly. 
I'm posting it here so any one facing same issue just take a legal action against them and they will lose the case because its their policy to refund that money if that is completed. 

Thanks and remember me in your prayers. 

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Hi thanks all helping gaidence! sorry haven't expriance to remember may proplem nowrplaye payment family
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