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Fees charged when money sent back

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I had a refund dispute open but seller’s process kept giving an error, so he sent the money directly to me. I was charged a fee will I get this back from PayPal?

Fees charged when money sent back


As of March 2020 Paypal started charging fees for money returned !  Will you get it back ?   Don´t hold your breath .  The answer is no .  I sent GBP to London & because of problems with Paypal´s hidden agenda the seller sent the GBP´S back to me .  I lost $135.82 USA.  The charge should have been only $ 50.00 max .  Still trying to resolve this with Paypal , but all I get is " automatic responses " full of " mumbo jumbo ! "Instead of asking the seller for a refund , just call your bank & cancel the payment .  Then you avoid Paypal´s fees .   International buyers check every option carefully .  

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