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shipping issues


shipping issues

This is the 2nd time I've gotten burned on delayed shipping.  Both times I ordered product for a specific event with adequate time.  This time for an open house, I paid for fast shipping.  The vendor didn't even ship until after the event.  I asked to cancel order, they eventually shipped after I filed complaint with PayPal.  Now, 2 plus months after order date, and yes I eventually got the item after my event, PP rules in favor of vendor as they provided proof of product delivery.  They didn't even force the vendor to refund my shipping.  Does PP even read the details of the complaint?  How is all the burden of these things on me, the customer?

The last time was a pair of boots for an event, came long after, vendor offered me $20 of $85 for return as "I would have to pay high postage to return to 

China."    I now look for vendor identity, shipping locales, test customer service numbers but I am getting more reluctant to buy online.

How can I at least get my shipping money back?


Re: shipping issues

Hi @FrustratedNow1


I'm sorry to hear of the negative experience. 


The Buyer Protection we offer does not cover shipping times. You'll need to work with the merchant if you'd like to request a refund for shipping. 


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