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poor customer service from paypal

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poor customer service from paypal

i made a purchase from scam website <removed> using paypal method as a guest my (transaction <removed>) and tried to contact the merchant but no response and didn't got my order or any information from their side ! so i want to refund and report the website

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Re: poor customer service from paypal

the site i bought from is a scam site, same scam as i was tricked in to about13 months ago,  fought to lodge a dispute, lots a cancellation of attempt to talk with a live operator, Have gone directly TO BANK to lodge a dispute, but excuse there is paypal is involved they dont want to help, So i eventually get email from paypall   from seller /operator well its a faKe false tracking number/  paypall fights to not allow me to tell them this new fact, WHEN I GET MY MONEY BACK I WILL CANCELL WITH PAYPALL THE ARROGANCE GETS ME,   THE bank says BY ROBO  REPLY, WE ARE OVER LOADED WITH FRAUD (COMPLIANCEY} >?????/ BUT DONT WORRY WE WILL GET AROUND TO IT, JUST PRESS THESE NUMBERS/ PHONE GOES DEAD, YET A THIRD TRIP TO THE BANK REQUIRE, PAYPAL ANT NO PAL TO THE USERS