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Hello all. Usualy im working for shutterstock and i get my payment 6th in the month. Last month i had issues with my card and i couldnt recieve my funds over paypal so i was scheduled for next 6th day in a month. I got message after quite some time on paypal message center to make another card and link it with my account. They told me to send them message after i do so and they will activate my account and remove limit. I did all what i was been told and finished everything till 31st. 31st.august i sent message to message center informing them i finished everything ive been asked and i just want them to remove my limit. Now its 04th september and guess what? Still no word from them. Problem is that i dont think they will reply over weekend and there is a big chance i will miss my payment again (which happens 6th in a month), just becouse of paypal. Like holy CR*P, ive never seen anything like this. ONE WHOLE WEEK AND STILL NO ANSWER JUST TO UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT. I was wondering if there is any other way to speed up this process so i dont miss payment 6th. Probably after this i will move to payoneer, together with couple other colegues. Ive never been so dissapointed in my life like with support on paypal. 

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.