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Resolved! I can’t use PayPal now

Hey so I can’t use my PayPal now because it locked me for using my id is there any email I can use to contact PayPal please I need help I am using my real information on my account and it accept it please someone help me

My account been hit with AUP

Hello If any one can help , my PayPal account was put on hold for the 180 day what I was fine with but on the 17th of March all funds £14500 was sent to PayPal for damages . When I phoned PayPal they said it was because two of my payments had raffle ...

J444snb by Contributor
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PayPal Account Access Limited

Hello My PayPal account has limited access. So I’m suppose to complete the missing info , which I can’t as my Belgian debit card which is Maestro has no security code written on it . I can’t send my money or do anything until I have this issue resolv...

Kino85 by New Community Member
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My account is suspended with no appeal.

I received my first sale on my e-commerce. We are a company, we produce and sell natural energy bars. We are the manufacturers and sellers of our own product. We are very legit. The only issue I can think of is that we had our paypal email on the web...

Mehdipex by Contributor
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I have to wait 24-72 hours?

PayPal.I'm using this forum, because I have NO idea as to when I'll get a response. Customer Service while friendly, cannot help on their end. Maybe a Technical Support Specialist may happen to read this. I NEED to get my funds out of my PayPal accou...

KayClark by Contributor
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