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I have to wait 24-72 hours?

PayPal.I'm using this forum, because I have NO idea as to when I'll get a response. Customer Service while friendly, cannot help on their end. Maybe a Technical Support Specialist may happen to read this. I NEED to get my funds out of my PayPal accou...

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limitation because identity

hello. my name is Julian Akbar. I have a question, I just got limitation form paypal because my identity, but I already sent the form and it took 7 business days. I just wanted to know, during the limitation can I still receive the payment?

How to contact PayPal

Hi All, my account has been limited for some time now, for whatever reason they once again want us to confirm our business details (which we have done multiple times now), it never works, I have been trying to contact PayPal but the numb er they have...