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can’t call and can’t get refund

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can’t call and can’t get refund

i sent in one of those disputes for the category that my package didn’t arive. i filed that around June 25th. i haven’t heard back. now that i got what i ordered, it isn’t what i ordered. I ordered a nintendo switch and got this little cheap plastic thing that can apparently attach to a phone and it will seem like a console. now that i filed the dispute i can’t change why. i payed full price and got this cheap 3 dollar thing. i NEED a refund. and it took forever to get here (ordered june 13) and just now got it. now that the company has to reply to close the dispute this is never going to get solved so i can’t send in the dispute about it being a cheap 3 dollar thing. i should have known not to order it. it was too good. i just hope eventually i get my refund, but it seems paypal isn’t being very good about customer service recently. u can’t even call them anymore.

Re: can’t call and can’t get refund

I am in the same boat. I actually never received the item I ordered and I can’t get a refund and PayPal keeps extending the resolution date for over 90 days now I am at my wits end