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Suspension and PayPal's refusal to disclose specific violation leading to it.


Suspension and PayPal's refusal to disclose specific violation leading to it.

On the 30th November 2020, 2 of my accounts were suspended and I made a call to PayPal and was told they were closed due to high risk. When I probed for how I have specifically violated any of the user agreements, they refused to provide further information and was told to just wait for the 180 days before I will receive instructions to withdraw the money. 

185 days after , I logged into my accounts and was shocked that all my money was removed from my account and a note was attached for each deduction mentioning it was paid to PayPal for damages for violation of user agreement. The deductions were all made on the May 18 but no emails were sent to my registered email addresses for each of the accounts. 

I called PayPal again and this time, they claimed that I was selling real firearms and that was the reason for my suspension. What I was actually selling, are digital in-game items such as weapons and explosives and described as such on my website. 

I am very concerned how PayPal can actually simply suspend user's accounts without sufficient investigation? They did not even allow me to provide any evidence to prove otherwise! Not only have they denied me the avenue to my income for more than 6 months now, they have withheld more than $50K of my money and took them all away claiming I have violated their user agreement when it is PayPal who mistook my digital merchandise as real firearms?

Right now, I am still waiting for PayPal to reply.