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Ref ID - PP - L - 265936805953


Ref ID - PP - L - 265936805953

Recently, I have received email message from Paypal about suspension of all my Paypal Accounts 


From what I can see in my Paypal, here is the message – “some of your products or services are in violation of the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. As a result, you can no longer do business with PayPal.”


In Paypal email, they are saying my account is in violation of Paypal’s policy which involves gambling, gaming and/or other activity with an entry fee and a prize.


Please note that my business all along has never associated with any gambling activities, below is a simple description of my activity :

  • I am selling art toys through Instagram Accounts (Instagram account names: kaiju_one / sotakutoys / ore_toys ) 
  • Usually, my art toys production is limited in quantity (say 30 pieces as an example), usually the demand is higher than supply.  I would usually ask my IG customers who want the toys to send me messages via Instagram (which I name this as “lottery sale”).
  • Say if I received 50 messages and I will select 30 buyers who I think they are real buyers/collectors and not flippers/resellers.
  • For people sending me messages, they never need to pay any fee or charge or prize.
  • After selection of good customers, I will ask them to pay money to my Paypal account and I will ship the products as listed in IG, all customers (who paid Paypal) will receive the actual product, no risks are being associated and no gambling elements are involved.
  • According to legal interpretation, Gambling is any activity with an entry fee and a prize, regardless of whether the outcome is determined by chance or skill.  This never happens or happened to any activities that I am participating (as people sending me messages do not need to pay any fees / charges ).

As you can see above from above, you have suspended my account without real and relevant legal reasons, you have blocked my funds (locked under Paypal accounts) and you have stopped my selling activities (suddenly without any chance for me to explain).  While I am doing everything according to policy and law and I have been a good Paypal seller for more than 10 years, your act have made me helpless and angry and create significant business loss that is impacting my business plan. 

Please kindly review my case again and look at this case fairly, and please give me Justice accordingly.


Many Thanks

Samuel Lam