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Need Advice, PayPal took my $50K


Need Advice, PayPal took my $50K

On 30th November 2020, I received email notices that my 2 accounts are suspended and I had to wait 180 days to withdraw my money. I was selling DIGITAL IN-GAME items which included weapons and explosives and they were NOT actual firearms. I tried to contact PayPal but I was only able to get in touch with them using their online chat support. There were no option for me to call them at all then. They insisted that my accounts were limited due to high risk and refused to provide specific reason for any violation. 

185 days forward (June 3rd), I logged into my accounts in hope to withdraw my money and was shocked to see all my funds gone, deducted on May 19th. There were no email communication  of these deductions on the May 19th either. I noticed they left a note for each deduction saying the money was paid to PayPal for damages due to User Agreement Violations. I tried contacting PayPal immediately and this time, there was a contact number. I got in touch with a representative and he asked what were the 'rifle' and 'explosive' I was selling and I provided him with all the information that could address this misjudgement on PayPal's part. He said a ticket has been opened and I should receive an email soon. 

June 10th, I called PayPal to check on the status on the ticket and after another round of explanation, she said she would follow-up with the previous representative who serviced me earlier to confirm the status of the ticket. Not long after, I received a standardized notice in my email saying that the decision to suspend my accounts and take all my money was final and an appeal can no longer be raised for my case. 

Anyone met with similar case? 

I am in Singapore and would appreciate if anyone could point me to which agency I can approach for legal action against PayPal?