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Paypal makes it easy for people to scam you

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Paypal makes it easy for people to scam you

Paypal does absolutely nothing to protect the seller from predatory buyers. They make it easy for scammers, and it almost seems like they encourage buyers abuse!! For that reason I am leaving PayPal after over 6 years of business. I had a customer purchase a custom handmade phone case with her portrait on it and then she complained about a smudge of the inside of the case so I asked her to return it for a refund...which was a total exception to my policy, but she was a nightmare customer from hell so I just wanted it to be over with...I told her she had 7 days to return it or the sale was final...on day 10 she filed a claim with PayPal saying that the item was damaged and she returned it to me...she took the phone case (and free gift) out of the box and glued it shut and wrote return to sender on the box...I received am empty freaking box!!! PayPal has since sided with her and asked her to return the item...she provided them with the tracking number that I paid to have the case shipped to her originally. There is no way for me to upload my photos or video evidence and there is no one at Paypal to speak to about this. This is really bad business, and Paypal needs to do better to protect the seller from scammers.

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Re: Paypal makes it easy for people to scam you



Did you appeal the case and report buyer abuse of the purchase protection program?


Contact customer service for assistance to report it and that you received an empty box wrote return to sender using same tracking number and get the case reopened:

Click HELP at the top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US.


Call early, during business hours, west coast time to try to get a US rep. Say "Live Agent" to the automated recording.


Report it to the USPS as mail fraud and tampering, also file with

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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Re: Paypal makes it easy for people to scam you

Yes i have responded to the claim and noted that I received an empty box. I didnt write the words "buyer abuse" because unfortunately I didnt find that term until after I had already responded and theres no way to add more information after the 1st response. I did mention that the item was custom made and included her portrait...custom made items are supposed to be excluded from Buyer Protection when the customer claims "significantly not as described" but it doesnt seem like Paypal actually reads the information that we present. Its just a generic auto response. Im going to try calling them again. Yesterday when I called the entire system was automated, but ill assume that was because of weekend hours.