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Payment problem with the seller.


Payment problem with the seller.

I have sent 20$ to the seller but is telling me that I had to use Friends and family  to send the money 

Now is asking for my logins to refund the money this is dangerous because He gave me his email address to use while sending him the money. So please I kindly need your help so that he refunds my money without giving him my logins 


Payment sent to Doris <removed>
25 June 2021 at 5:31:55 AM GMT-7Transaction ID: 20W079949E383615D
Payment Status: COMPLETED
Payment Type: Goods and Services
Gross amount
-$20.00 USD
Shipping address

Your Payment
Gross Amount-$20.00 USD
PayPal Transaction Fee$0.00 USD
Net Amount-$20.00 USD
Contact information
Doris <removed>

Note to Doris <removed>Payment for unlocking iPhone6s
Funding details
Funding Type: Debit Card
Funding Source: -$20.00 USD - VISA ending in x-<removed>
This transaction will appear on your bill as PAYPAL *<removed>


Re: Payment problem with the seller.

Hi @Alexmubiru,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum!


Unfortuantely, if you completed the payment with the Friends and Family option, you would not be covered under our Buyer Protection policy, I am afraid. You would need to contact the merchant directly to request a refund. However, please don't provide any of your sensitive information to your counterpart. They can issue a refund on their side without you providing any additional information. 


I hope this helps,