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Incorrect product rec'd, minimal refund offered or I pay for return shipping

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Incorrect product rec'd, minimal refund offered or I pay for return shipping

Before I start explaining this problem, it is the 2nd attempt I made in the Resolution Center for this purchase.  Initially, I attempted to get a refund from the seller, which I had requested of them,Shenzhen Gusong InfoTech Ltd  5 mins after purchasing.  I reported the problem to PayPal, but they said they don't help with refunds unless the product is not rec'd.  Ok, fine.  So 5.5 weeks after ordering the product, which I found out, to my dismay, was coming from China - the incorrect product was rec'd - actually it was quite a joke - I received a putter in 4 parts, yes 4 parts!, and 3 unmarked golf balls instead of The Perfect Practice Putting Mat, which I ordered.  There is even a picture of this Putting Mat on the email receipt from the seller.  

So, I find out now, I am not able to make a SECOND request in the Resolution Center about the same purchase ALTHOUGH this has to do with a NEW problem.  I am not asking for a refund BEFORE receiving the product.  I HAVE rec'd the product and it is the incorrect one.  I attempted to choose that in the Resolution Center to no avail.

Also, basically, the seller, whom I informed sent me the incorrect product, valued at $46.87, that they would refund me $8US OR I could send the product back to CHINA for a full refund.  They know perfectly well it would cost much more to send the product back than what I paid for it.  

First off, I am not sure why PayPal even associates itself with sham companies like these.  The ONLY REASON I agreed to purchase this item with a good conscience is because I saw PayPal was a method of payment, so I would be SAFE.  HA!  Not so.  This will not happen again!!  I have lost a lot of confidence in PayPal whom I had used for many years for many purchases.

Anyway, please let me know if I have any recourse to obtain my refund for the incorrect product I rec'd considering the options they gave me.  I have no problem sending the product back, but I won't pay for return shipping for their error, as they have requested.

Thank you for your time reading this and if you are able to shed some light on my course of action.



Note: I have pictures of all transaction info and of the incorrect product rec'd if you so wish to see them