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Ebay gift cards

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I went to a store to buy a ebay gift card but they didn't have the $25 - $200 cards so I had to purchase a bunch of $25 cards to make my purchase

Pay Pal would not let me load enough cards to pay for the item. I Need to pay for this now because it is special offer I agreed to purchase.









Ebay gift cards




Welcome to the PayPal community and thank you for your post.


I would advise you not to go ahead with this transaction as it is a scam. If you want to make a payment through your PayPal account, you go to 'send money' insert the sellers email address and make the payment.

If anything else is requested from you from by seller, it is a scam.





Ebay gift cards

New Community Member

The answer you received is wrong. I have the same problem, except I had to buy $50 gift cards. eBay, through PayPal limits the number of gift cards you can enter to 4. I need to enter more than 4 for my $300 purchase. 


eBay told me that PayPal has a way to "stack" the gift cards into my PayPal account, and then use the account to pay for my eBay purchase.


So far, no luck.

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