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Twitch Streamer Issue

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About a month ago I started to get a few tips/donations from my community as a way of supporting me for the entertainment. I was able to get the money with only a small issue that was resolved and it has been in my account since. However, about 2 weeks ago I received an email regarding limitations being active on my account such as multiple instances of "Provide information on account activity" and one of "Provide purchase receipt from your supplier." I tried my best to submit info explaining the situation for the "Provide information on account activity" but the other I was unable to as I am not a business selling anything but simply receiving tips. My account is a personal one so I don't see why I would be getting these limitations. It says I have until February 16, 2021 to fix these or my account will be further limited. I have tried reaching out through the bot system which was of no help and tried getting in touch with them over Twitter in which I received a response stating they will "escalated this conversation to one of our specialists" but I have yet to hear anything over what I'd assume to be an email. If anyone else has had an issue like this and found a solution please let me know. This account also is connecting with subscriptions and already lost 2 of them because it's not letting me pay with the account.

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