Didn't get refund from my bank


I did withdraw my 401,19 EUR funds to online bank account. PayPal just completed transfer to my bank, but my online bank account gone be close before i get my money. then i did contact with my bank, they told me they are going to refund to PayPal, but i passed more 14 days. didn't get my refund. then i did report on PayPal. case was on my favor, i got mail i will get my refund. but today after 3 days get case on my favor, but didn't get my refunds yet. i did contact with PayPal support they are now playing act, they asked me for bank statement, already i did submitted, let's see now, but please give me suggestion for get my funds, it's my hard wor00000000 (2).jpgReport Unauth(1).pngSummary   PayPal(5).pngking money. i didn't stolen this money,

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