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Case won. Should I return?

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Case won. Should I return?

I have won case on paypal for item bought on ebay. Seller did not respond at all. Now asking me to return or will take me to court. I think he is bussiness seller and high value item but not as described. Paypal advisor said he will ask him for postage label but also that I have legal right to do anything with item. Is it true? Do i have right to keep or bin it and not send back if I don't want to ?

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Re: Case won. Should I return?



Well if you bought something from a shop in the high street and were issued a refund they would expect the item back at the same time wouldn't they.

Personally i think you would be on sticky ground if you did not return it as they could pursue you with a small claims court action but i am no solicitor so could not say for sure.

However morally i think you should return it, the only thing is that you ONLY have to return it to a business seller if they provide you with a shipping label.

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