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Be prepared for PayPal not to back you in a dispute

New Community Member

Be prepared for PayPal not to back you in a dispute

I ordered a bra on line thinking that PayPal protected customers the same as a credit card company.   When I ordered the company had put up a 'storefront' that seemed like it was in Atlanta. The company I ordered from took the cups from a 30A bra and put it in a larger band. I ordered based on their size chart for a 36DD.  I tried to contact the company but all links now gave 404 errors.


I filed as dispute with PayPal.  After I pushed for a response more than 10 days after I got the same response as many of you.  They will refund AFTER they get the product back that I must ship at my expense and NOW they are suddenly in Singapore...not Atlanta. The cost to send it back with any sort of tracking, plus the time to fill out forms makes this a MUCH more expensive proposition than taking the hit for buying it. Then if I want to recover half of the shipping money I have to fill out more forms?


This is how companies are able to send inexpensive junk and  keep the money. PayPal is counting on this...that we will just drop it...and are endorsing this behavior.  

If this is how this ends up...I have lost the money because PayPal does not insist vendors they work with are honorable...I will be spreading the word. I have heard this is how terrorists organizations make money and thought it was silly. Now I wonder.