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Account permanently limited? Why?

New Community Member

Account permanently limited? Why?

My account limited. I log in online to resolution center. Says no longer able to use PayPal. No reason given .
New Community Member

Re: Account permanently limited? Why?

Paypal is full of crap.  They permanently limited my account and can’t tell me why.  I’ve called them and they say it’s confidential.  Pretty convenient to kick you out and not tell you why.  So don’t make a mistake or anything with your PayPal because “Big Brother” might want to cancel your account for a secret reason.   I supposedly “violated” their policy.  Hmmm, so they can arbitrarily say you violated their policy and remove you for any reason because it’s “confidential”.  What kind of bull***t is that?  F**k PayPal! Now you have a reason to ban me from PayPal!