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Want to delete my account, but the limitation is on so I can't please help.

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I'm using this paypal account for a year long now to collect my cgtrader payment, what happened was I've found that my bank account is not verified so I decided to verify the bank account. Paypal sent me two payments 1.08 & 1.13 i think to verify, upon entering those value in verification box due to technical glitch it kept saying it invalid amount entered, then they said my account can't be added. So I decided to delete this account and recreate it. So it might help me to get my account verified and added, I don't what they found suspicious in that, they've now put a permanent limitation on my account. I just to delete it but I can't. 


what was my mistake, if your system can't verify the value you sent ?  I'm suffering from last 3 days.

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