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Unverified account funded by MoneyPak?

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Unverified account funded by MoneyPak?

Hi everyone, I have an unverified Paypal account, which I don't want to verify with my bank account or credit card, but rather with moneypak cards so I can know what I can spend and what I can't. I was wondering if I could fund my account with it, around $200, but, will I be able to spend it? I know about the $250 limit, but I have only added about 20 so far. I read about the unverified $40 limit, but If I add money with money pak will my unverified limit rise, and will I be able to buy things online? Thanks, Nightl0ck.

PayPal Employee

Re: Unverified account funded by MoneyPak?

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I'm sorry you won't be able to respond directly to this post - we've made some improvements to the PayPal Community Help Forums, and as part of the upgrade, all existing posts were Archived and locked. The new boards and the new Community is accessible here.


You're right on the money with the $250; that's a starting limit.  Once you add the funds, you'll be able to spend them.  However, if you complete the verification process that you are prompted for online, you can increase the $250 to $4,000 a month!





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