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IPN Errors Today April 8

I am seeing issues with the IPN today. No changes on our end. Not seeing it reported elsewhere. I am hoping it is not on our end alone. 

I got 2 1099-k forms from Paypal, anyone else?

I got 2 1099-k forms from the same Paypal address.  One is for over $400, the other is for over $28000!  I understand Facebook Marketplace is using Paypal to create it's 1099-k forms but what I sold on Facebook marketplace doesn't come close to $2800...

Track where payments are generated from??

Is there a way to track where payments are coming from in the transaction reports?  We're thinking about setting up another donation page, but would like to be able to track where each donation comes from.  We don't want to limit home much people can...

I found a bug

I found a bug and i need someone of paypal’s technical support text me on my mail

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IPN suddenly not reaching my postback URL

As of two weeks ago, the IPN listeners in two of our PayPal accounts suddenly stopped being accessed on both staging and production.  "Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s)...

afllc by Contributor
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