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Kilo Group

I have 2 unauthorized payments to Kilo Group. How do I get a refund and not issue other payments to them?

Pswilken by New Community Member
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IPN Sandbox not working

Hi,In my sandbox I activated the IPN and stored a URL.Furthermore, I have activated the "automatic return" and also stored a URL here.The URL for the IPN is a script for testing, which currently only writes a file when called via POST, but apparently...

IPN History not available

Hello.When I try to open IPN History I seeInstant Payment Notification (IPN) historyFeature Not AvailableSorry, this feature is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. Has anyone else stumbled onto that?

afomina by Contributor
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Identifying Duplicate IPNs on subscr_signup

Hi,I am implementing a simple membership site and am testing my IPN code and I have run into what seems like a contradiction.In the Paypal Developer Documentation (

ReReaders by New Community Member
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IPN messages sent to old URL

I am using IPN to process payments on my site. I have changed the URL address of the listener page, but after two hours messages are still sent to the old one. I event totally disabled IPNs and re-enabled them, still old URL is used. Is there somethi...

Piootr by New Community Member
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