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Paypal ,Pick-up agent and Western Union


Paypal ,Pick-up agent and Western Union

I ve listed a bidding for a vehicle. And there was someone want to buy that and he said he wanna buy this via paypal right now but not via ebay, he suggested me more money than I posted and asked me delete the bidding and let's transit with him. So, I deleted and I let him know my paypal information.

Then, he said, he need to use Western Union for paying his pickup agent. So,he asked me can I pay  for this..also he told me he will attach the money for agent and commision fee.

After that, I felt this is like a scam and its gonna be complicated....So, I was thinking over about this...didn't answered his mail.(He has never asked my phone number)


2days after since I ve not answered his msg, he just sent the payment to me via Paypal and Western Union.

But I dont want to sell the car to him by this complicated way.

Paypal sent confirmaion mail to me. And what do i need to do is....(according to him)

I need to send 1500$ to pick up agent via Western Union

and get the receipt and send the receipt to Paypal.


I don't have $1500

and I don't believe this still....

Is this sort of scam ?

What do I need to do?

I haven't say to him send the payment by this way.

Can I just ignore it?



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Re: Paypal ,Pick-up agent and Western Union

Yes, it's a scam.


If you check your Paypal account, you'll see that there's no money in it.


He just sent you an email that LOOKS like its from Paypal - in reality, it's a fake.


Just ignore the guy - he'll bluster and threaten, but he knows it's a scam and now you know it's a scam and nothing is going to happen.


BTW,  NEVER sign in to your Paypal account from an email link.

And, to make your Paypal account bullet-proof, visit the security center in your Paypal account and buy one of their security keys for $5.  It puts a separate, randomly-generated numerical password on your account that changes every 30 seconds and cannot be hijacked, even if the scammer has your password.


Re: Paypal ,Pick-up agent and Western Union

thank you very much!


Re: Paypal ,Pick-up agent and Western Union

I also received this kind of e-mail, here is:


First e-mail


Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 16:22:55 -0700
Subject: Paypal Email Address Needed

i really appreciate your quick response,

i work as a navvy and am currently at sea at the moment,i am buying the item for my wife for her new apartment,she won't know anything about the item until they get delivered to her

i can only pay through paypal as i don't have access to my bank account online as i don't have internet banking,but i have my bank account attached to my paypal account and this is why i insisted on paying you through paypal

so please kindly get back to me with the details needed i can proceed with  the payment ,

Paypal Email Address:
Item Price:

and after the payment has been done i have a pick up agent that will come around to pick the item up after i have made the payments for the item..

i could have ask you to use ups or other service but N.B ups or fedex and others does not delivered to my wife address...

Best Regards.


The second e-mail


i was just about to make the payments when i had this little problem with the picking up of the item ,I work as a navvy and am currently at sea at the moment and i am buying the item for my Wife as i explained earlier on and i tried to book pick up with my pick up agent, but they asked me to pay first before they can make the booking, and they only accept western union money transfer for payments and they don't accept paypal or bank transfer.

So i tried to send the money online but i couldn't and I am on sea and there is no way i can find a western union agent to make the transfer to my pick up agent, so i wanted to ask if it was ok for me to include my pick up agent's fees in the payments I am about to send through paypal to your paypal account, my pick up agent charged 300 Dollars plus insurance and all of that,please can i include there money in the payments I want to send then after i have made the payments you will help me forward the 300 Dollars to my pick up agent through (Western Union Money Transfer).

This I would have done myself and not bother you but the for the fact that I am currently on sea, so after I have made the payments you will help me send 300 Dollars to my pick up agent through western union money transfer, I just wanted to seek your consent before going ahead with the payments

I will more than appreciate if you mail me back,I have calculate it the price of the item plus the fee for the pick up agent coming to pick up the item and westernunion charges,

Total is = $2,400 Dollars

 and I will be making the payments shortly. as soon as you get back to me to proceed on the payment.i could have ask you to use ups or other service but N.B ups or fedex and others does not delivered to my wife address...

PS:the shipping company's Head quarters and any pick up fees to be paid is sent to their head quarters by the payee, so the money for pick up will be sent to their head quarters  through(Western union money Transfer) (this can be done from any post office) at westernunion or money grams.

Best Regards

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Re: Paypal ,Pick-up agent and Western Union

Definitely a Scammer who wishes he /she or it were in the Navy good going you stopped the scammer dead in their tracks leave scammers with NOTHING there is no such thing as an agent.Good JOB