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Adding PayPal to facebook ad account

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I have linked my UnionPay debit card to PayPal, which is the only way to use Paypal in my country (Suriname).

Since January of this year, I have been using Paypal to fund my Facebook ads.

About a week ago, my payment method was removed from Facebook and when I tried adding it again I couldn't.

I got a pop-up message saying:


"PayPal wasn't added to your account

You can try again with PayPal or a different payment method."
please help...

Adding PayPal to facebook ad account

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You can't add a local bank account / debit card in your country.
You can only link a visa credit card.

Also the option to receive paypal payments is sadly not available in 

  • Suriname

You can only send payments for purchases funded by your (confirmed) credit card.

Paypal varies a lot country to country and can only offer the services that the banks / governments of that country allow it to offer.
There are quite a few countries unable to receive paypal payments.

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.

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