I cannot link my UAE Bank Account, and also i cannot edit or add my address, please help out

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Hello, I cannot link my UAE Bank Account, i put everything correct, even then it gives me error that there is something wrong, can anyone help please? and also i cannot edit or add my address, while putting the address it asks for PO Box, i put 0000, because i am from Dubai, and Dubai has no PO Box, 00000 is accepted everywhere but paypal system is not accepting it saying the city and po box is not matching, so how to fix this issue? please help out

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Hello @ahsanejaz,


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I am sorry to know that you're unable to add a bank and I understand that this can be concerning. As per the information that you've shared, it is possible that our security program considers a variety of factors at each transaction/activity to keep you safe. Any activity of adding card/bank can often be blocked or declined if we detect any unusual or suspicious activity or not safe for your account in the future. In this case, you may try again at later time by clearing cache and cookies or try using different browser or device. Kindly do not try to attempt this action simultaneously, as our security system will get triggered and the clock will start from zero, from the time of the next attempt. If the issue still persist, please check the Resolution Center to see if there are any notification about your account status.


Regarding the address: I understand that you're unable to get a non-PO box address to register. I would recommend you to try adding your address instead to see if that works. If not, please reach out to our Customer Support team through the available contact options on our website.




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