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So I got 80 dollars given to me through PayPal, and it is saying that I need to accept the money. The only method I can accept the money right now is by linking my online banking account with Paypal. But, when I do that, it keeps giving me errors. Sometimes it says "We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now." and sometimes it says that it can't link my account. Then sometimes my bank, Bank of Guam, just straight up disappears in the drop-down menu.


I have to emphasize that this is the ONLY method I am able to do right now. I only recently moved to Guam with my parents, so having a driver's license and utilities with my name on them are something I currently do not have. God, I just need the money. 

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Hi @RoiTheBoi,


Thank you for posting your question in the Community. I understand how important it is to have access to your money and would like to help. From what you've described, it sounds like you're hitting our internal security system when trying to link a bank. It checks for any unusual factors to help protect your account and sometimes temporarily blocks certain actions. It often helps to clear your cache and cookies, log into PayPal using a secure internet network, and avoid using VPNs or public Wi-Fi. If you're still having trouble after trying those troubleshooting steps, it would be best to contact our Customer Support team directly for assistance.

I hope this is resolved for you quickly!

- Marina

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