everytime that I hit accept payment it makes me re-log in and doesn't accept it.

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So basically, like i said in the title, every time that I try to accept payments on my computer or my phone, it makes me re-log in and then still doesn't accept the payment and I'm not sure why. if anyone knows why that is, I'd appreciate a fix for it. Thank you!

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Hello @Lemonoze


Welcome! Thanks for visiting PayPal's Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear you've run into some road-blocks using your PayPal account recently. Are you using some kind of VPN, IP-masker, or incognito mode setting on your browsers? If so, I'd recommend turning those off and using your browser's default settings to see if that helps. If you're still seeing the same error after clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and history as well, please reach out to our Customer Support teams for assistance. 


Best wishes!


 - Jon K

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