Still haven’t got my money for refund

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On the 7th of July I issued an refund, paypal says its refunded but the money has still not entered my bank account. Money also isnt in paypal account. Its been almost 2 months and paypal support doesnt help.

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Good morning, could you please update us on whether you received your money or not?  on the same situation here.   This is BS...

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I understand your concern about the refund not reflecting in your bank account. when a refund is issued, the money will be added in your payment method. If you paid with your bank, the money will be added to your bank account in 3-5 business days. It may take longer depending on your bank's processing time. As you've not seen your refund even after 2 months, please chck with your bank first and then contact PayPal team to submit a request about the missing refund. You can see the contact options to reach the support here


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