Refund to limited account

Hello. I have permanent limited account and I was refunded by the store for my online purchase and returned it. Paid for it with PayPal balance. I received information that the store refunded me but I the amount didn’t appear on my limited account. What should I do?
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Hi @Kovalyeva


Thank you for your post and welcome to the PayPal Community Forum! I would definitely be frustrated if I were missing a refund, and I'll be happy to help get you to the right place to have it investigated.


A refund to your balance that's made through the transaction should reflect on your balance. On the other hand, if they sent the payment back as a new transaction, a limited account would be unable to receive it.


To have this investigated more thoroughly, please contact Customer Service. You can see your contact options by clicking Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website.


I hope this can be resolved quickly!




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