Payments on hold for 20+ days -- How to resolve?

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Hi there, I made a new Paypal account a few days ago and have confirmed my identity and account by doing the steps suggested to me by Paypal. However, it's still saying that my money will be kept on hold until mid-December. 

When I press the "know your options" button, a sidebar tells me this (see image). There are no steps below -- instead, Paypal tells me to "Receive 2 or more payments from sales", "receive $201.70 AUD from sales" and "have no disputes for 58 or more days". Paypal also recommends that I complete ALL of the aforementioned.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 131441.pngDo I not have any choice in this? Will I just have to try and achieve all of the above before PayPal stops holding my money? Is this a normal thing?

Are there settings I need to check or uncheck so that I can get my money asap in the future? I don't have any identity confirmations or anything left to do. I have linked a bank account to my Paypal account.


Additionally, my incoming payments have "You've successfully updated your shipment information. You'll receive your funds within 1 day of delivery." in their descriptions. However, there is no option to mark the item as delivered. Is that dependent on the customer's side of things? How do I switch my settings so that I don't have to rely on this in the future?


Thank you for your help.

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