Fiverr Funds Resolution: Ensuring September 7th Refund Guarantee and Transfer Consistency

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I hope this message finds you well. I am currently facing a situation regarding a funds transfer from Fiverr to my PayPal account, and I am seeking some clarity to better understand the process.

Recently, I received an email from Fiverr notifying me that in order to proceed with depositing the funds into my PayPal account, there is a need for additional information related to my account or recent transactions. The instructions provided were to log in to my Fiverr account, access the account overview section, and then navigate to the Resolution Center through the "More" menu. The email also highlighted a crucial deadline – all missing information must be provided by 7 September 2023. In the absence of the required details, Fiverr mentioned that the funds would be returned to the sender.

My inquiry revolves around the assurance of this 7th September deadline. Is there a guarantee that by this date, my funds will indeed be sent back to Fiverr? Furthermore, I am curious whether the returned amount will match the exact sum that Fiverr initially transferred to my PayPal account. My transactions are being carried out on a Windows device.

I truly appreciate your expertise and experiences in shedding light on this matter. Thank you sincerely for your assistance and guidance.

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