My friend wants to send me a gift but I don’t know what my account name is?

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Trying to send my daughter money but can’t figure out how? So I asked Her to request money forM me but I don’t know what I have to send her to for my information for her to request it from me?
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You don't want to send a request money or you will be seen as a seller and pay a fee and get the new seller 'hold'.

Give your daughter the email address you have linked and confirmed on your paypal account.

Plus make sure you have verified your paypal account by adding and confirming a bank account (not debit card) on your account.


Then your daughter goes to send/request on her paypal account > send money > put in your email address (checking to make sure there is no typos or spelling errors >  select the friends/family option > put in amount and currency > make sure she doesn't pay a fee by 'funding' the payment via bank account or funds in her balance (and not a card) > then follow the on screen prompts. 

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