I made a payment without a trace!


The payment page froze while paying online, I never made it to the confirm order page on the seller's website.

The amount was immediately deducted from my card but not showing in neither of my, or the seller's Paypal account activity.

Only for me it showed a pending payment notification in Paypal that is only available when i hit the notifications from the home page desktop version, but not from any other page (very weird).

Anyway, both of me and the seller did not get any e-mails or anything regarding neither the order (from the seller's website) nor the payment (from paypal) and accordingly there is no order on his system - I only received the bank message of the deducted amount.

Please let me know if it is just a matter of time so i can ask the seller to wait and remove the item from listing (last item in stock) and re-enter the order manually or something (or) if there is anything else that any of us should do.



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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @AdelShousha 


Thank you for making a post. 


I see you were trying to pay for an order, but it did not go through. However, the funds were deducted from your card. Also, you're unable to find the payment on your PayPal account or on the merchant site. This shouldn't have happened; there could have been some issues during that time. Most likely, the funds should be reversed back to your card within 5 business days. Try to reach out to your card provider to see if the payment is reversed or if they are able to cancel it. If the payment went through, you should be able to see it on the PayPal activity page. I would recommend that you Contact PayPal directly so that they can look into your account and point you in the right direction. 



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