How to get a refund on a guest account and complaint

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I have made a purchase through paypal using a guest account. The delivery never came and the vendor ignored all my emails. I called for help and was told that I could not open a dispute since the purchase was made without my paypal account. The person on the phone explicitly told me that under no circumstances I would get a refund. I am shocked since I have paid a fee to paypal which I assumed was to protect me as a costumer from such problems. I asked how I could file a formal complaint and (while laughing at my request) two email addresses were given: [removed]  and [removed] . After writing to both of them, I get an automatic answer with a list of possible ways of contacting them (including calling again).


At this point, I have given up on the refund. I doubt that my emails from paypal will be answered or that my complaints will be heard by someone who actually cares but this is the only method of contact in the list that I haven't tried yet.


Here is my formal complaint: I have spent a total of three weeks trying to get in touch with you, two of them without an account. If you can't provide support for guest accounts, why even bother offering the service. It is like the guest costumers don't even exist. At least be more specific on why are you charging the fee. I must also say that I have created a paypal account just so I could get in touch with costumer service and was immediately directed to the smallest possible cycle of blame, when you call, you need to write, and when you write, you need to call. I can't honestly remember the last time I felt more disrespected and will certainly avoid using your.

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Buyers do not pay fees and you do not pay a fee for buyer protection.

You get buyer protection automatically if you use the send money > goods/services option or pay an invoice or money request using your paypal account.


If you have a paypal account but chose not to log in to pay during that transaction then you would have paid as a guest buyer with 0 buyer protection.

However if you do not have a paypal account and open one you can then ask customer services to add that transaction to it so you can open a dispute.

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