iFastNet Refund Sent to PayPal on Hold - Confusion Over Shipping Details for Personal Account

IFastNet sent me money to my PayPal account as a refund for their service. However, the money is now on hold, and PayPal is asking for shipping details even though I believe I used a personal account, not a seller account. The money should be directly sent to my account as a balance. Can you help me understand why this is happening?
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You can sell and be subject to the new seller hold regardless of account 'type'.

Sounds as if the refund was not sent as a 'refund' but as a 'payment' using goods/services hence you were probably charged a fee and the new seller hold applied.

Be careful because if it was not 'refunded' they can file a dispute against any goods/services payment.

To release the hold ...


You may be able to release eligible payments by following one of the below steps: 

  1. Add Tracking. Use one of our approved shipping carriers and we’ll release the hold approximately 24 hours after the courier confirms delivery to the buyer’s address. 
  2. Update the order status if the held payment is for a service or intangible item (e.g., piano lessons, e-book). We'll release the hold 7 days after you confirm the order status as Completed.

In rare cases, after these steps are completed, we may need to hold the payment for up to 21 days. For example, this can happen if we notice an unusual change in your selling patterns.

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