Can't transfer money from balance to bank account

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I have UK PayPal business account.
After receiving several payments from my customers, I try to withdraw the funds to a bank account. But I keep getting the error "There wasn't enough funds in your bank account ending in **** to cover the following payment".

All restrictions on funds (for newbies) have already been lifted and terms have passed.
I use a Payoneer business account to receive funds. Bank account was linked and confirmed successfully.

Any help and hints would be appreciated. I am new to the PayPal business.

Thank you!

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Paypal does not support Wise / Payoneer (or any other virtual banks).
Whilst you can sometimes add an account it wouldn't work properly and Paypal advise you against trying.
If you do succeed then Paypal wouldn't be responsible for any missing funds to or from that virtual / digital bank account.


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