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"Get a Check By Mail" Feature Not Working

I tried to withdraw funds from my account via check on 4-23-20. The "Get a Check By Mail" link ( is directing me back to the Summary page. I have done this many times and  after trying to explain to the live help assistant for an h...

NoLuck by Contributor
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ATM Withdrawls - No Fee (ANSWERED)

Money Pass ATM machines have no fee to withdrawal using your PayPal debit card. MoneyPass ATM locator: PayPal Services and Fees: I was looking to see if there were any and kep...

9FGP by New Community Member
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Resolved! please check your information and try again

Hello there!  I want to transfer founds from my wallet to my credit card but when I press the last "Next" it appears a message like " Please check your information and try again"    Please help me... i need that money xD

gabrielvgs by New Community Member
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Metrobank Debit link to Paypal

Hello,   I would just like to clarify on some matters pertaining the Metrobank account linking to Paypal.   There have been some posts stating that one CANNOT link their Metrobank accounts to Paypal, such as this: