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I don't want to accept International orders

When I set up my shipping tables, I only set up tables for US and Canada orders. I thought this would prevent orders from other countries.  It didn't - I just ended up having to ship it free.  So I set up an international table and deactivated it.  Same result.  How do I prevent international orders?

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Re: I don't want to accept International orders

Hey vonsollin, let me try and help here.


You can change your payment receiving preferences to block international payments. The caveat to that is it would also block payments from Canada. 


Here's how you can modify your receiving preferences; feel free to play around to find what you want.


While logged into your PayPal account:


Click "Profile" near the top of the page.

     We are updating our profile page, so there's a couple of options for the next step.


Under "Selling Preferences" click "Payment Receiving Preferences" OR Click "My Selling Tools"


Finally either select your preference next to each of the options and click "Save" OR Click "Update" beside "Block payments" in the "Getting paid and managing my risk" section.


Hope this helps!