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I found on the website that the trial period was over and the billing was due, and the due date was December 29th, and I canceled it on December 29th, but it was charged without cancellation.

So I made a claim to paypal.

I was asked to submit a copy of the billing agreement.

Since I'm a foreigner, I didn't know exactly what that meant, and I sent a cancellation statement the same day it came from Paypal.

‘The case was closed in the seller’s favor as you didn’t provide the requested documents.’ The case has been closed with this comment.

 ‘copy of billing agreement’ I think it's a billing statement charged to me. I want to resubmit it, but the case is closed and I can't file a dispute again. What should I do?

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If the due date was the 29th then you should have cancelled on the 28th for the billing agreement to not be paid.

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