Claim denied for not providing evidence, didn’t get any emails telling me to add more evidence

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I recently had my claim denied from PayPal because I didn’t respond to give extra information to a claim request, but I never received an email telling me that I had to give additional information or that there was anything needed on my end. I checked spam and regular email. Does anyone know what I can do? They closed the dispute and won’t let me reopen the dispute and the only person I can contact from PayPal is an AI. For context: The claim is for an adidas order. I had sent an item back, tracking says it’s been delivered, but I didn’t get a refund. I had already attached the tracking number and a screenshot of the Royal Mail tracking website saying that it’s been returned/delivered successfully.
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did you open a dispute?

which dispute did you open?

did you escalate to a claim before 20 days?

did paypal find in your favour?

if they asked for more information did you check the resolution centre regularly to see if more information was requested?

did paypal tell you to return the item and provide an address?

did you provide them with the tracking number on the claim in the resolution centre?

does tracking show the item as delivered?


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