New account permanently locked for no reason


I was told that I cannot use my original account from another country by Paypal support. Since now I am on an assignment abroad they told me to create another account to use right now in Vietnam. When I tried to create a new account with a new email, I submitted my passport for verification and right away my account was locked and I see a message that my new account is restricted and I cannot use it anymore, and I am not allowed to use my old account from my country otherwise I risk it being locked as well 😞


You can no longer use PayPal

At PayPal, we value a safe community for our customers to do business. We noticed activity in your account that’s inconsistent with our User Agreement and we no longer offer you PayPal services.

Any bank or credit card information linked to your PayPal account cannot be removed nor can it be used to create a new account. You can still log in and see your account information but you can’t send or receive money. Any money in your balance will be held for 180 days, after which we’ll send you an email with instructions about transferring your money.

Reference ID: PP-L-459037429851

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