My account was hacked, money transferred then account was closed

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My Paypal was hacked, even with 2FA on. Money was sent from my attached credit card to another account. My account has now been closed by the hacker maybe to prevent me from reporting it. Tried calling and sending message to Twitter but no reply from paypal yet

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Hello @PaoloMate


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear you've experienced unauthorized activity on your account. Normally, if you're able to access your account, we'd recommend reporting this kind of activity through our Resolution Center. However, it sounds like you've already started working on reaching out to our Customer Support which is what we would normally recommend in this situation. Just to make sure you're reaching out to PayPal's support, here are the links to Private Message PayPal via Facebook and Direct Message PayPal via Twitter.


I hope they're able to get this taken care of for you, 


 - Jon K

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