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Good day i need help, so i try upgrading from a personal paypal account to a business account because i sell digital products the account is about 1 month old, no disputes, no charge backs everything is perfectly fine. However when i upgraded to the business account paypal placed a permanent limitation on my account for reasons i am not aware of i went to the reaolution center and there was no issue there. Also there is $500usd on the account how will i get my funds??? Can someone please help me?
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If you have been told your Paypal account has been permanently limited then Paypal tends to hold any funds for 180 days. This is the same time frame that buyers have to open Paypal disputes.

If no disputes are opened in 180 days then normally you are allowed to withdraw the funds. That is as long as you are over 18, account is in your legal name and the account is registered in the country where you reside.

Sometimes they confiscate funds under this policy.

Paypal also may request further documentation from you before you can withdraw those funds.

You can rarely appeal a permanent ban but if you want to try an appeal then contact customer services.

They 'may' pass it to the back office but the chances of the appeal being successful are slim. Paypal state that the decision is not made lightly and once made is usually final.

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