Any alternatives for better customer service or do I have to file a lawsuit?

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Someone in Poland made a Grubhub acct and somehow linked it to my PayPal. No clue how, I didn’t see any odd acct access, only charges. Regardless, an unauthorized charge for $30 came through, I flagged it, changed my PW, and PayPal refunded me. A month later, another charge. Grubhub again. Grubhub has been useless, they aren’t responding after over a month of my case being escalated to their fraud department. PayPal has gone from claiming that because the hacker set up some kind of service agreement on their acct that I was on the hook for it, as their stupid system can’t tell it wasn’t me, to now claiming that I’m not covered because it was unauthorized access to my account. I’m about ready to file a lawsuit naming both companies in small claims court on sheer principle. Is there any way to get in touch with customer service with some damn common sense? These charges were clearly not me, and clearly PayPal has terrible fraud protection if they were unable to stop my account from being charged AGAIN after I changed my PW.
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Have you canceled the automatic billing agreement to stop future charges:

What is an automatic payment and how do I update or cancel one?


File a complaint with under PayPal San Jose, CA to reach out to PayPal executive escalations office.

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